Your CV gets you the interview
but does your interview get you the job?

Learn how to bring the best of yourself into the interview environment to give you the best chance of securing your next position

Interview Techniques - Paul Ryan of Improve on You

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Here’s a great piece of advice for your next job interview; ‘Just relax’, Here’s another, ‘Just be you’.
If only it were that easy. How do you ‘just relax’? How difficult is it to ‘just be you’? Yes, interviews
are an opportunity to secure a bright new future but they can also be worrying, nerve wracking or
just plain terrifying! But they don’t have to be…

In our one to one sessions you will learn how to enter your interview with confidence,
strike instant rapport and harness your thinking process so that you are always in
complete control of what you say and how you come across. You will also learn the
best way to prepare, how to deal with those difficult questions and how to empower
yourself against coming across as needy.

  • Nerve busting

  • Learn how to frame yourself for success

  • Diminish negative thinking

  • Speak with confidence and authority

Interview Techniques - Paul Ryan of Improve on You
A good CV is one thing – a good job interview is another. I offer highly impactful coaching to enable you to always give of your best when you walk through that door.
Why choose me?

  • My clients get employed

  • Your individuality is key to your success so all training is wrapped around your specific needs

  • As an actor I will have more interviews in one year than most people have in their lifetime – so I’m familiar with the territory

  • On the day of your interview you can ring me for a ‘Booster Call’ free of charge

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